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Residential Home Building, Additions, Renovations & More!


In our more than 25 years of building and renovating homes, we at Asher Homes have built our reputation through hard work, constant learning and proven results. We know your home is a very important part of your lifestyle and feel that the experience of building a house should be a pleasant one.

Building a quality, custom home is not a single event, but rather a series of hundreds of small details working together to complete your quality, custom built home. We pride ourselves on completing every detail on time and to your satisfaction so that the finished home is not only one that you are proud of, but one that you can enjoy for years to come.

During the building process, we are here to help! We take great pleasure in reviewing specifications with you to assisting in making decisions based on your desires during the entire process. In the end, we want you to not only love your new home, but we also want your referral; therefore, it is of the utmost importance that our clients are pleased with their total construction experience from beginning to end.

Our Plans or Yours? 

Asher Homes will build to suit!


Whether you already know what you're looking to build or prefer to choose from our many wonderful existing plans, we are here to help. We take great pride in providing quality, custom homes with your specifications and desires, and will also assist you in making correct decisions during the entire process.

Call Asher Homes today to learn more 603-924-9424

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